Understanding Social Phobia and the Right Way to Overcome It

Social phobia or social anxiety disorder is a condition in which a person experiences anxiety when carrying out activities and daily interactions with people around him. People with social phobia can experience stress due to fear and anxiety about social interactions with their surroundings, to interfere with daily activities. However, this situation can actually be overcome by undergoing therapy and taking medication regularly. Symptoms of Social Phobia If you experience social phobia, you will feel anxious and panicked when you have to meet other people or be in public. The reason is that you feel excessive shame or fear of being watched, valued, and criticized by others. A feeling of constant fear and excessive anxiety arises from feeling that other people are always paying attention. You also feel afraid to do something in public because you are afraid that other people will make fun of you for everything you do. Social interactions that are considered normal but are a prob…
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